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When some of us here at De Soto started racing triathlons, a racebelt was simply the elastic
from an old pair of underwear with a couple of safety pins! Times have changed and guess
what?...These days are better than the good old days. Stuff is just better! 
Our new Racebelt 2 is a perfect example.

Never loose a snap, button, or cord lock again because there are none! Hold your race number
on with these new " locking mini-clipboard" attachments that never get lost. the support for
each buckle has little loops where you can carry gel packs or from which to hang your
sunglasses. These supports are completely adjustable to work with any size race numbers.

This amazing necessity to every serious triathletes arsenal is 1,25 inches thick, sofz, very stretchy and non-binding. The buckle is made of a strong non-brittle molded nylon and the
belt is completely adjustable to fit almost anyone.


• Use this belt to attach your race number so that you do not have to put pin holes in your
• Wear your number in back during the bike then spin it around to the front for the run.
• Use it for triathlons, marathons or any race that requires you to wear a number.
• Wear it under your wetsuit to save yourself time in transition.

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